Landed in 1924 … coming back in 2024.

Help bring a piece of history back to Johnstown by donating or getting involved with the Johnstown Meteorite Committee. Our first goal? To buy a piece of the Johnstown Meteorite! We will bring the meteorite home for the first time since 1924 and keep it in our local museum.

Donations over $20 will receive a small keepsake token in 2024 – thank you for helping to bring history back home.

About the Johnstown Meteorite and Meteorite Committee

I Landed in Johnstown: Meteorite is a series of planned programs and events educating the local community about Johnstown’s Meteorite. Now a world-famous ‘rock’, the Johnstown Meteorite fell on July 6, 1924 in what was the Elwell Cemetery at the time. Witnessed by Johnstown locals, the grandparents and great grandparents of some residents today, the meteorite plunged the scientific world into a discovery that would echo the very molten beginnings of earth itself.